Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fashion Sense

In an attempt to display some independent decision-making, Addie decided to remove her clothing. However, she didn't get very far and came out of the back room with this little ensemble. We decided to leave it as is, and she wore her little arrangement for the rest of the morning. She did occasionally tug at it and"this isn't how I imagined this"...but as any girl learns...the best fashions aren't always comfortable! : )

Socks are a fun game at our house. They last on little feet less than 10 minutes. Here's a picture of Alex's dad humoring Addie by putting her socks on for the umpteenth time yesterday morning!

Here's Jasmine discovering that grannies have interesting things in their purses - an area of most interesting exploration!

This picture describes Jasmine's general attitude since the Zimbabwean grandparents have arrived. She's is suspicious and clingy! With Alex's parents at the house, it is really easy to run out and leave the girls with them...however, it now seems that Jasmine fears I'm leaving every time I disappear out of sight! She insisted on being held all afternoon just so she could secure my whereabouts! I eventually left Addie at home with the grandparents and took Jasmine with when I went to get Alex from work this evening. She must have grown EXTRA weary with her hypervigilance for she fell fast asleep after 10 minutes in the car...guessing she knew I couldn't disappear since we were both buckled into the car together! : )