Thursday, May 24, 2007

Seven Random Things

My friend Tammy tagged me on her blog - which means I am suppose to write seven random things about myself that you don't already know about me. I must admit my brain is a bit mush when it comes to thinking about myself these days - I could tell you all kinds of random things about my girls that you don't know - I guess that is what happens to you when you are a new parent you think about baby baby baby and in my case baby baby baby baby baby baby! I'll try not to be one of those people who discusses my children's poop color at parties....but a girl can only do so much.

Okay here it goes:

1. I'm alot nicer to my dogs now that I have children - gotta be a good role model you know! Plus, screaming at the dogs to stop barking would only wake/frighten the babies! Lucky break for the dogs!

2. I'm really a blonde. Ha, just kidding! Actually I've never dyed my hair a completely different color - only had highlights at times. I guess I figured my brother covered the hair dying thing in college with pink, blue, silver, highlighter yellow, and leopard print hair.

3. I hate socks. I get depressed when the weather gets cold enough that I have to wear socks and shoes. I love the ease and freedom of flip flops - even wore them down the aisle on my wedding day - much to the chagrin of my mother! : )

4. I only cook/bake/make food that is pretty or fun - which leaves me making desserts and appetizers for the most part! I have a hard time motivating myself to make practical food like entrees! But, I'm guessing with children in our house, that is about to change!

5. I wasn't much of a housekeeper pre-children. I have a much greater interest in keeping the house presentable now. It probably has something to do with the fact that I don't leave the house for days on end and can no longer escape from the messes I use to make! Plus, when Alex is home to help with the babies, just getting to load the dishwasher in peace feels like freedom.

6. I used to visit the animal shelter weekly when we lived in an apartment just up the street. If I didn't have limited space and a husband who has more rational moments than I do - I'd have way too many adopted pets!

7. I hate routine - my husband loves it. I can't eat the same thing for breakfast every morning for weeks - Alex will eat oatmeal every morning until he dies. I get bored always knowing what is coming. I find now that I've got an interesting mix of both routine and excitement. The girls have a fairly predictable routine - eat - sleep - poop - repeat. But then there are moments like yesterday that keep the excitement alive.

Yesterday, my friend Kim came over during her lunch break and brought me fast food. Jasmine was being fussy, so she picked her up and let her fall asleep on her shoulder. Jasmine slept there for about a half hour, and then woke up and spit up a little on Kim's shoulder. Kim held her out in front of her just a bit as I handed her a burp cloth. At this time, Jasmine did a full throw up down the inside of Kim's shirt! Needless to say, Kim went back to work in my shirt and was a fantastic sport about all of it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some moments from our week

Jasmine and Addison hanging out together - Jasmine is trying desperately to avoid napping - note the red eyes!

Jasmine is checking out her new toy - an activity mat - still has to grow into some - all she can do now is stare at it!

I'd like to introduce you to the Jasmine we see every night around bedtime. Some baby books refer to this look as "matchstick eyes" and it means they are overstimulated...she is overstimulated a lot!

Summer Wear 2007

Here are the girls all dressed up for Alex's company picnic last Saturday! Alex took a mini photo shoot while I snuck off to get my shower for the weekend! It is fun to dress the girls up - I think I may become more addicted to buying clothes for them - then for it possible?! Oh - and Alex also was the hair stylist for the photos! : )

Life at home has been getting a bit easier. There are moments when they both are screaming that they are dreadfully hungry and nothing else will do - I try to forget about those moments once they pass and just get through them when they arrive. The moments I try to remember are when they stare at each other wide eyes and try to grab each other, when they curl up in my arms and sleep, when they smell like lavender after their baths, the new little cooing sounds they are learning to make, the faces they make when I zerbert their bellies, and on and on.

The medical update is that both girls have acid reflux. It isn't too serious, just means they spit up more and don't like to be laid flat after they've eaten. We've succumbed to letting them sleep in bouncy seats during the day and swings at night. We tried to be more "hard-nosed" and follow the Baby Whisper's schedule and rules and it turned our lives upside down. The girls would follow the schedule during the day, but then wake even more frequently during the night and be difficult to get back to sleep. Valuing sleep more then schedules, we've dropped the schedule! They eat and sleep as they please for the moment, and we will try the schedule thing again once they are 3-4 months old. Last night was our first night that the girls sleep for 6 hours straight. I had Alex check to make sure Addison was still breathing when Jasmine woke us up with her hunger cry!

Monday, May 14, 2007

My Two Favorite Girls

It is difficult to get a picture with the girls together - typically when one looks cute the other one is sleeping. screaming, yawning, drooling, etc.! I like this picture because they both are looking cute!

A Tribute to Grandma Ang

We were sooo grateful for the five weeks that Alex's mother was able to come and stay with us! She kept us sane as we transitioned to our new role of parents of newborn twins! She cooked, she cleaned, she did laundry daily, she walked the dogs, she burped babies, diapered babies, rocked babies (even in the early am hours), and generally encouraged us any way she could.

We could not have done it without you!

You also may have noticed that I have not posted in awhile - that is because I'm am now full-time mother of twins on my own - who somedays barely has time to go to the bathroom or eat! I'll try to give the occasional update and post pictures when the miracle of two simultaneous sleeping babies happens.

Another HUGE thank you to all our friends who have brought us meals, came by to just hold a baby and give us a break, or generally stopped by just to give me (the house bound one) news of the outside world! I really appreciate all of your thoughtful gestures and hope you continue to come visit me!

Sponsers Dan and Mary Magnus and Andrew and Sarah Baker

Here are some pictures of our girls' baptism. Their beautiful dresses were made by Marilyn Haldiman - they were beautiful! It truly is an amazing thing to remember that our girls belong to the Lord - that we are just their caretakers. The baptism was unique in the history of Redeemer (as far as I know)! When Pastor Maas dipped his hand into the water bowl to baptize Addison - his hand clinked instead of splashed - yep - someone forgot to put the water in!

Alex's cousins, Claudia and Hayley made it up from Dallas, Texas for the girls' baptism. They were wonderful with the girls - and definitely gave us a break from baby holding/soothing!

I love this picture of Grandpa Baker and Addison napping together!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jasmine's Bath

Jasmine wasn't too sure about her bath at first! It took a little bit for her to warm up to the idea - but eventually she enjoyed herself!