Thursday, February 22, 2007

April 2nd

The end is in sight! My C-section has been scheduled for April 2nd. As of today I have about five and half weeks left to go! I really do hope that I make it all five weeks so that we can have healthy, developed babies. We have yet to pack our hospital bag - and Alex mentions it almost nightly...but that still hasn't motivated us to start the process.

The girls' room is getting closer and closer to ready! It is unbelievable how many clothes my girls already have!!! I think I'm jealous! : ) Thanks to all of you who have given me tons of hand-me-downs and new clothes. I'm curious to see just how big these babies are going to be when they arrive. I have friends whose babies skipped several clothes sizes (i.e. newborn, 0-3 months) because they were growing so rapidly!

My dreams have changed from not being able to find diapers to dreaming about wearing jeans, sleeping on my stomach, and being able to climb a flight of stairs! The girls' movement has become more and more fun to feel. There is such a difference in the slight flutters you feel earlier and the large head/arm/leg/foot jabbing that is happening now. I can even feel when one of the babies has hiccups since it is rhythmic! I'm measuring 40 weeks and create quite a spectacle when I'm out in public. Alex and I even had someone ask us at the mall on Sunday if I was in labor - hope not!

Monday, February 12, 2007

7 weeks and counting...

SO we had another ultrasound today and all is well! Those little girls are growing something furious, and they now weigh in at 3.7 and 4.2 pounds! Quite unbelievable really, that they've doubled in size each month for the past two months! The scary thought is if they continue in the same vein...we're looking at some LARGE babies! So here are some pics of our little blessings...

All is well otherwise, work is still crazy busy. All we can seem to think about is the madness that is about to descend upon us. Although I have to say that the whole process has been phenomenal already. I never thought I'd have such an appreciation for just how amazing every stage is; when you realize what's going on in there and the intricacies of every step, it just blows my mind! Anyway, like I said, now we're just waiting for the inevitable. It's wierd in a way too, I wish there was some way of making it more real for myself; we've painted the nursery, bought most of the bits and pieces etc. but it just doesn't feel real yet. Anyway, I guess that will be remedied shortly! Okay, I must cart my gorgeous mother-to-be off to bed, and she does need some help, so here's a pic of her taken a few days ago to show why ...!

Hope you're all well and loving life!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Moms of Multiples

Last night I went to my first moms of multiples meeting. It was kind of surreal to be around only women who have a set of multiples. There were about 25 women at the meeting - most of them have one set of twins - two of them have triplets!!! One of the women with triplets was telling me that she already had a son and daughter, and had begged her husband to have one more...then they found out they were pregnant with not one but three boys!

I got lots of good tips about where to buy diapers in bulk, how to make your own baby food, how to feed both at once and get them on the same sleep/wake schedule...all very valuable information! Plus, I got to hear other women with older twins/triplets talking about potty training, sharing, dressing alike, etc. At some points I tried to fill my head with "Nah nah nah - I'm not listening" so that I didn't overwhelm myself with upcoming challenges that are years away! : )

Friday, February 02, 2007

Upside down "L"

Just got back from my most recent doctor's visit and the babies are laying in an upside down "L" in my stomach. This means one is on the right side straight up and down - with her head closest to my head. Our other girl is laying horizontal above her sister's head - with her feet located conveniently within kicking distance of her sister's head! If they don't change position - this does mean I'll be having a C-section.

All appears to be going well. I heard both heartbeats and the doctor tried to show me that I could feel each one of their heads. All I could feel was a bunch of swishy! : ) The doc changed my due date to one week earlier (now April 22nd) since they are measuring so much larger than their first estimated due date. She said her goal is to see me get to 34 weeks at a minimum and if I made it to 37 weeks - she'd begin thinking about scheduling the C-section. So it sounds like either way - the girls should arrive late March or the very first part of April! I'm 29 weeks on only 8 weeks at most to go....ahahahah kinda scary!

Alex and I have decided to embrace the 1950's style bedroom - sleeping in seperate twin beds - but we are modernizing it by making it two queen beds! Apparently my snoring, potty breaks, and tidal waves of movement are a bit disruptive to Alex's sleep! I found I also slept much better when I had our bed to myself while Alex was traveling last week. So no snickering if you happen to see our current bedroom arrangement! : )

Now just awaiting the gestational diabetes test results - no news will be good news since the doctor will only call if there is a problem.