Friday, May 29, 2009

The Bump & Bob

For everyone who requested either a picture of my new haircut or of 36 week pregnant belly - here you go!

And a bonus picture of Addie raiding my closest this morning for shoes!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pre-Baby To-Do List

There are so many things to do before Baby Stella arrives!!! Three weeks left to go and we're slowly checking some things off the list.

The girls "helped" Alex clean the bathrooms this weekend. They sprayed water & wiped like pros - they love to get in on whatever we are doing!

And then, of course, we all need to fuel up and make sure we have plenty of energy in reserve for the newborn madness.

We've practiced our best sister kissing so we can give the new baby only our best smooches!

And then...well...we got distracted! Here's some pictures of Addie thinking she is "the coolest" because she put my socks on "all by herself"!! They also wanted to put on the bloomers to one of their dress sets even though the dresses were dirty. Sometimes there is no reasoning with two year old - so on the bloomers went! : )

I've been slowly checking projects off the list. Alex has been awesome - getting some much needed painting done (since I'm on painting restriction - although I am concerned that he wants to buy himself a paint sprayer for his birthday...perhaps it has gone to far...). I've wrapped up two freelance graphic design projects and have one yet to go, one more large listing for Ebay, some clients to transition, kitchen floor to tile (to be done by professionals...just need to vacate house), diapers to buy, etc.!

We are so excited to meet Baby Stella!!! I'm so curious to see how big she is - remember the girls were 7 lb 12 oz and 6 lb 11 oz at 37 weeks. Stella will be 39 weeks and have the womb all to herself! I also have no idea if she'll be a blonde or brunette or maybe surprise us all with red hair!!

I also need to post about the potty-training that has been happening at the Green house. I know...I agree...I'm crazy to even be thinking those thoughts with a newborn coming in just three weeks - but once you hear what Miss Addison did you'll see why I was finally guilted into it!! Hopefully I'll get that post up soon - otherwise we'll try to post new baby pictures from the hospital in just a few weeks!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Friday!

I was taking a break one day when Alex got home from work, but clearly the girls thought I needed some extra toddler TLC and won't separate from me!

Practicing our response to, "How big is Addie/Mina?"

This photo is from this morning - I was looking for a way to fill some time on a rainy slow Friday. What is more fun than making cookies and eating them? (We'll just forget about the multiple time outs for fighting/stirring with our hands/etc.) : )!