Thursday, June 26, 2008

And We're Back

Swimming at Table Rock Lake with grandma & grandpa.

The girls' first experience on a public playground at Branson Landing. To give them the extra energy they needed we gave them their first ice cream just before! They had mango sorbet (lactose intolerant) from Häagen-Dazs. They LOVED both the sorbet and the playground - although all good things come to an end and we had to endure screaming as we took them away from their new favorite place!

Addie looking quizzically at the lemon she just tasted!

Jasmine played her favorite game with grandma at lunch - "I drop - you pick up!"

Cute shot of Jasmine from the previous week when we had a picnic with some girlfriends.

My brother, sister-in-law, and hubby after a fabulous dinner at a Mexican restuarant at Branson Landing outside on the patio in full view of the fountain & fire show that went off on the hour.

Sarah and I enjoying some adult time without children! : )

And now, the rest of the story...
We went to Branson, Missouri this past week for a family reunion with my dad's side of the family (which I neglected to take any pictures of!!!) It was fun to see them after such a long time and catch up. (Although we definitely wished Robert, Sarah, David, Kristine, & Rachel could have been there!) The best part of the trip was sharing a lake house with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. Since we only see Andrew, Sarah, and Sawyer a few times a year, Alex and I both loved having them in the same house so we could just hang out.

However, I now have no desire to take a vacation with twin one year olds again! It is slightly maddening to try and manage their chaos & routines while away from home in a house that isn't babyproofed, doesn't have swings/playset, their normal two tons of toys, etc. I was either worried about what they were getting into, or who they were bothering! I know, it probably could have been better if I could have relaxed - but this is one instance where I think having twins just multiples the craziness.

Ah, but we'll get a chance to perfect this whole vacation thing in October. Alex's parents are coming to visit and we are staying in a timeshare for a week...maybe I should take some sedatives (for me) along! : )

Monday, June 09, 2008

Quads & Poop

Here's a little story on one of the blogs I follow to make you feel better about any of the irritations/exacerbations you may have faced as a parent recently...or if you just want to laugh in horror!

Where Did The Week Go?

I just realized that it has been a week+ since my last post! I'd like to tell you that something exciting has been happening to keep me away from the computer, but alas no. The girls were sick last week. Jasmine started with a fever on Tuesday and Addison joined her on Thursday. I believe the girls had Roseola. The symptoms for Roseola are high fever for three days and then at the end of the fever they break out in to a rash. This is pretty much what happened...Jasmine added a little vomiting to the mix as well! From what I read, it is only contagious before symptoms appear - thus it can be spread willy nilly! Apparently, since it usually only affects 0-3 year olds, adults don't tend to get sick, but can be excellent carriers/transmitters of this wonderful illness - so I was homebound as well.

On top of that craziness, I had a TON of things to get up on Ebay so they'd be finished listing and shipped before we left for vacation! In just a little while, we'll be going to lake house in Branson for week for the Baker family reunion. Alex is so looking forward to the week off of work, and I am SOO looking forward to not being the solitary adult with two one year old children! : ) Needless to say, on Sunday I requested a little "out of the house by myself time" since I'd been a shut-in all week. I went to Goodwill and purged our house of some clutter (seem to go at least once a month!), then to Plato's closet (addicted to used clothes - but realized teenagers and I don't wear the same kind of pants - no more low-rise for a body that has carried twins), and finished off with some browsing at Target.

Jasmine has been taking some more independent steps lately, but still crawls a majority of the time! Hard to know when to say she is "officially walking". Addie, however, is RUNNING! We put on some sandals she got for her birthday from our friends the Zieglers. They squeak eack time you step on the heel. When we put them on Addie, she ran around and around and around the house - giggling like crazy!

We also believe they've said their first words this week. Early this week, I was pointing out that Tinsley had crawled under Jasmine's crib and was peeking out from the dust ruffle. Jasmine pointed and said "Tinsley" (in a babified version of course). Addie has said, "Baby" when my mom handed her a little doll at their house on Saturday night. It is so exciting to hear them saying words - you never quite know what they'll say next!

I took this picture peeking around the corner from the kitchen. The girls are using everything they can to try and climb! At one point this weekend, I looked in the playroom and they were both on this chair trying to climb into the window seat. They have yet to be successful, but they can climb into the upholstered chair in the same room. Once they get up, they sit back against the cushions with the biggest grins, like "I'm big stuff!" Jasmine will occasionally climb into the chair and pretend to read.

We took the girls swimming in our neighborhood pool for the first time this summer. They were completely unimpressed! They did not smile the entire time!!! We're guessing that after repeat exposure, they'll warm up to the idea. Although, I'm not too sure they'll warm up to the sunglasses.