Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mysterious Mina

Here's our sweet Mina. I often put Stella on a blanket outside with toys so she can watch her sisters whiz around the yard. Mina always ends up sitting down with Stella and entertaining her. It is incredibly sweet. Stella and Mina seem to look the most alike - only time will tell if their personalities are similar.

Mina's had two medical mysteries this past month. First, she told our babysitter that she swallowed a nickel - and when I heard I knew it was true because I remember someone giving her one two weeks before. So off to get an X-ray to make sure the "disappearing nickel" had past - and it had! She loved all the attention and the special ID bracelet she got at the hospital.

The second mystery started with a NASTY smell coming from her nose/mouth. We tried Listerine for breath, saline for cleaning the nose, water up her nose, blowing her nose, went to the doctor who thought it was reflux and were about to fill a prescription for a possible sinus infection. Then, today as we were getting ready to leave the house, I was helping blow her nose, and out came some of her lovey! She had torn a piece of the yarn off the knit bunny she sleeps with and had stuffed it up her nose. WHO KNOWS how long it had been up there! It started smelling about a month ago!!!! So hopefully no more medical surprises anytime soon.

I finally let the girls lay hands on the paper globe decorations I had made for the twins birthday party in April. I knew the inevitable would happen - utter destruction - but I was done with them and they had fun. Plus I didn't feel bad throwing away mutilated paper globes!

Mina is our "you do it" child! Such a contrast between her and Addie. She loves cuddles and almost requires them (guessing she'll have the love language of touch). She loves to be helped with anything (Alex would insert here - just like her Mom). She is fascinated with books and often sits quietly by herself paging through them. She's also watch as much TV as I would let her so we try not to encourage her couch potato side too much! She gives the BIGGEST hugs at bed time and loves to sit on your lap - especially when you have a book in your hand!

Addie Ka Dabby

We recently hosted the weekly playgroup we attend, and a friend's child put on one of the girls' swimsuits to "dress-up". Ever since, they have been OBSESSED with swimsuits. Do we have a pool you ask? No (unless the little plastic one counts) Do we go to the pool often? Not really. But we do everything else in our swimsuits. Pictured above is one of Addie's favorite swimsuit activities. She'll put one on, and then run into my room to do "nastics" which is her version of gymnastics I guess! I'm actually loving this "dress-up" phase. They put the funniest clothing combos together and think they look stupendous. Very sweet. Now I just need to stock up their supply of dress up clothes!

Addie is our "do it by self" child. She loves figuring out new things that she can do independent of us. Here she is filling up the water table in the backyard. She requires no assistance in the bathroom, with her clothing, on her tricycle, barely lets me do her hair, wants to get everything in and out of the fridge alone, etc. There is definitely a struggle between enough and too much independence as she glides across the room with full glass of something on the way to the table. 50% of the time it ends up on the floor - but when she does make it, there is such a beam and an exclamation of, "I did by self!"

For as independent as Addie is, she is also so girly. She loves ruffles, pink, frills, accessories, skirts, and dress! Having little girls is so much fun. Often I envy their clothes and wish they came in my size - the colors and patterns are much more fun than grown-up fashions.

I love this little girl - she gives the biggest hugs and says, "I love you Mama" all the time...although sometimes it is right after she's been naughty.... : )

Stella on the Move

Stella is scooting into all kinds of mischief these days. She hasn't mastered crawling yet, although we see lots of signs that it is coming soon. Mostly, she is pushing herself around backwards on her bum. This isn't her favorite means of transport because it takes her further away from what she wants. I'm doing my best to try and leave her be in some of these sticky predicaments so she'd be motivated to crawl...but what can I say...I'm a big softie...

Stella loves babydolls, esp. poking at their eyes. I love the progress of sweetness in these photos to all out eye jabbing! BUSTED! Keep all real babies at a safe distance please!

Here's Stellie contemplating life's great mysteries, like where are my sisters and why aren't they playing with me...

The before and after of her first mouthful of grass! : )

Working on mobility with a little encouragement from her sisters!

Stella is SUCH a sweet little girl. She's growing so fast and in less than a month will celebrate her first birthday. She brings us all so much JOY! She is in love with her sisters and they with her. I can't wait to see the dynamics once she is truly mobile and can really get into their stuff!

The "Before" of the NEW HOUSE

Here are the "before" photos of the new rental house we are moving into in two weeks. TONS has changed already, and I've got big plans once we are actually inside of it!!! We got lots of latitude to improve/update the inside. These photos are filled with paneling and a house stuck in the not so cute past, but in a few short weeks this house isn't going to recognize itself. Stay tuned for the "after" pictures!

The yummy master bath...which will probably be the girls' bathroom. I'm more interested in the double sink main bath at the other end of the hall (can't wait to have my own sink!).

Don't you just love all the paneling - don't worry - for the most part now it has been removed. As we speak, beautiful wood floors are being installed and all of the walls have been given a fresh coat of paint.

Bottom right - the part I'm most excited about in this house - THE LAUNDRY ROOM! Yes, a whole room - so my delicates won't be air drying right next to my toaster and my sticky handed children!!!! I'm even going to sneak a daybed at the end for extra sleeping (or for a rowdy toddler who won't nap and wants to wake up her sister...). You are only seeing half of the laundry room, the other half is going to be a fabulous mudroom/landing spot for shoes and coats. I have an awesome 1960's 3-seater bench at the reupholster for this very spot!

Oh is June

How is it possible that it has been nearly TWO MONTHS since I've blogged! No wonder I've been getting concerned emails and pleas for updates...okay just a few...don't want you to think we are THAT popular.

I present my excuses for being delinquent:
1.) About a month ago, we discovered we'd be moving to a different rental house. This kicked off a whole new period of obsessing over new decor, possible furniture arrangements, selling current furniture on Craigslist, buying new furniture on CL (changing style all together for new house...), etc.

2.) I have been SLAMMED with graphic design jobs. I've had 8 design projects in the last 60 days. Normally I have about 1-2 a month, but lately I've been hopping with extra work. This is fun for me - but also sucks up all my extra free time (to prove my point, I just got two calls while writing this sentance regarding corrections to two of the eight projects)!

3.) Stella has been a runny nose, teething mess! She is still as sweet as can be, but wants me closer than close.

4.) It's WARM so we've been outside, on walks, to parks, with friends ALOT - leaving not as much time home in front of the computer!

Okay, so now that I've plead my case, here's the back log of photos from the last two months!!!