Sunday, April 27, 2008

My "Stock"

Can you remember the moment when you realized some things just weren't in your genetic code - that by looking at where you came from (i.e. parent, relatives) you just knew either you weren't going to be tall/short, blonde/red-headed, an athlete, musician, etc. I think this realization is a mixed blessing. You now (hopefully) have an easier time accepting yourself - like for example, I have the "Baker butt." I know by looking at my father's side of the family - that I am not going to have Kate Moss' hips or hinnie - and I've come to terms with that! Occasionally I have setbacks, and let myself pretend maybe six pack abs are in my future...but I have yet to see them on any of my next of probably not.

Anyways, I digress from the real reason I'm writing this. I had a moment this weekend that made me so proud and grateful for the "stock" from which I come! It was when I was standing with my father in my friend's yard watching him answer all her questions about gardening. He patiently listened, gave great advice, and was engaged and interested in my friend's plans for her backyard. When we left, nearly two hours later, I was just so proud he was my dad - and that I got to show him off! (Then he came over and helped me with my landscaping for several more hours!) My dad isn't the only one I like to tote around for show and tell. My mom is speaking to my Moms of Multiples club on marriage next month, regularly gives my friends advice, and enjoys really knowing the people in my life. My parents have so many great gifts and abilities and they are both such eager teachers - I love that!

I may not look like Kate Moss, but I couldn't be more proud of the "stock" from which I come...butt and all!

(My parents' Christmas picture with the girls)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Addie Here

Addie here - its time you hear things from my side of the crib! My day started with having to call (sometimes scream) from my crib for Mom to come get me - seriously a bed with bars...what have I done to deserve this?! I've been working on my climbing and one day soon I may just remove myself from my crib and give my parents a fine how-do-you-do.

Breakfast (as far as I can tell) is the same mushy mixture of prune juice, applesauce, and oatmeal. I attempt to express my disgust by blocking the spoon with my hands, and then promptly smearing whatever I can grab of the funky mixture in my hair. Mom (not quickly outsmarted) rewards my antics with a mock baptism under the kitchen sink.

Then we headed outside for a swing - rumor has it grandma and grandpa are responsible for these fabulous additions to our deck! Check out the picture...I know...people tell me all the time how cute I am...check out Jasmine...oh...can't see her face...shame...oh well!

And then really it is quite routine from there nap, eat more weird concoctions, nap AGAIN!, snack, eat dinner, and then the best part. Dad comes home!!! He's way more fun than mom. He will hold us upside down until we almost vomit - cool huh!

Friday, April 18, 2008

But I Don't Want to be an Earth Mama!

I'm going kicking and screaming, but I think I'm turning into an "Earth Mama." I don't buy organic produce, I still buy the occasional processed food item, I still get my groceries in plastic bags...


It is becoming more and more disconcerting how many things (additives, chemicals, etc.) are in the things I use everyday that I don't know about. Last year, when I went to buy more Avent bottles for the girls online, I saw a warning from some "earth mama" saying not to buy these bottles because they leach a chemical called BPA into whatever fluid they contain. Did I listen - nah! I am now the proud owner of 30+ Avent bottles that were darn expensive. Although, most reports say that the chemicals released are insignificant to adults, they can be dangerous for small children...THE ONES DRINKING OUT OF THOSE @#$% BOTTLES!

Then last week, the Today show did a segment (watch the video) on the plastics we use and reported on three of the plastics we should never use - #3, 6, & 7. Guess what number the Avent bottles are #7 - of course! Then I was still thinking...well maybe it isn't that a friend's husband pointed out...they are still selling Avent bottles right?! So, I comforted myself with the fact that he had a point.

But then I read this today saying Nalgene (also a user of #7 plastic) is discontinuing the manufacturing of their popular plastic water bottles...crap! Did I mention we own three Nalgene bottles as well? There has to really be something wrong with this plastic if they are doing that because these bottles are hip and are everywhere. The Today Show gave this site for more info on the plastic segment - I click - and read that Avent is one of the products you should never use.

I then email Rubbermaid, because our Stain Shield tupperware doesn't have its plastic # on the bottom and it isn't on their webpage. They respond vaguely eluding to the fact that it is a #7, but all of their products are FDA approved. tell me again why you discontinued this product...?

Then last night, I'm reading a blog a friend told me was funny. As I'm reading a satirical commentary on the author's trip to Johnson & Johnson's Camp Baby, I discover that the shampoo we use for the girls contains a chemical called dioxine (possibly carcinogenic to humans and a known carcinogen in animals). Great!

So I don't know what it entails to be an "Earth Mama", but I have an awful feeling I'm going to find out!

Upward Mobility

Addie has discovered the joy of climbing! Her strategy consists of pushing her larger toys up to furniture thus creating a makeshift staircase to her desired location. The only major difficulty is the descent! I try not to interfere too much on this part, because I want her to figure out how to get down. I've already taught her the "lay on your belly and push until your feet hit the floor" method, but it appears she prefers the "careen head first off of a tall object onto a hard floor" strategy.

Jasmine has only just discovered the wide world of climbing. Her most common maneuver is pictured above. Of course, this is usually discouraged because she then begins to plifer dirty dishes off the counter and throws her newly acquired loot on the floor!

Both girls have made great strides in their mobility in the last few weeks. Addie now walks about 50% of the time. She still likes it when we hold her hand and walk with her - but she does not like it when we also hold her sister's hand. Jazzie tends to slow the walk down to a snail's pace and Addie prefers much more speed!

Jazzie is just now getting the hang of push toys. Previously, she'd push but forget to walk so she'd end up face first into the carpet. Now she is keeping up - her legs are just a little stiff (picture walking yourself without bending your knees!)

The most significant development with Jasmine is that she now sticks out her tongue (as seen above) for an activity that she deems fun/exciting. Swinging - tongue out, playing - tongue out, climbing - tongue out, laughing - tongue out, picking up dad from work - tongue out! You get the idea. It is funny to watch her figure out that she's got her tongue out, then up goes her little hand to stick a finger into her protruding"hum, what is this thing anyway?"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To!

Last night, we had the girls' birthday party and we think they were traumatized!!! Our original intention was to have a BBQ and spend some time in our backyard. That plan was foiled by 30 degree weather! So we had 40+ adults and children in our house. Alex and I had a great time and got to see lots of friends. The girls had looks of bewilderment - who are these people - why are they playing with my toys? - when are they going home? : )

And then there was cake! We learned some new things with this experience. They do not like 40 people staring at them while they eat. They do not like sticky fingers. And they do not like the taste of cake!

What they did like - discovering all their new toys the next morning! Jasmine loves the large colorful plastic balls they received.

They also showed us what big girls they were sitting in their child-sized camping chairs. Then they promptly fell out of said chairs! Perhaps once they are a little more stable on their feet!

They've been fascinated by the helium balloons all day today. Addie has already sat on and deflated one. The funniest thing to watch is when Addie yanks on the string to get the balloon closer to her, but then lets go and reach both arms out to grab the descending balloon which quickly ascends because she has let go! She has frustrated herself to no end trying to "catch" these balloons!

So, the girls had a mildly happy birthday, but have requested future birthdays be held in a dark closest, alone with mom and dad, and definitely no cake!

Hanging Out

The girls (probably like many children their age) have an obsession with the dogs' food and water bowls. I took this picture as Addie was trying to sneak around the corner and get into Tinsley's chow!

My friend, Lauren, sent the girls musical birthday cards. They LOVE them. If you need any birthday present tips for one year olds - get them a musical card. They loved figuring out that they can turn the music on and off by opening and shutting the cards. As an added bonus, we break into a dance whenever they manage to get the music going. Thanks Lauren! : )

The girls decided that they wanted to spend some of their birthday money on new bath toys. The clear favorite is the wind-up water bug that zooms around the bath. Millie and Bert - this bath was dedicated to you!

Texas Trip

I had a GREAT time with my parents in Texas visiting my new nephew, Sawyer. I never thought riding in a car for 10 hrs. straight could be so utterly enjoyable! It was wonderful - I know I sound truly deprived - but to just get to sit and read or chat or stare out the window was bliss!

Here's a great picture of my mom holding Sawyer, with my brother Andrew in the background.

This was a funny moment when someone parked their car inches from my parents' car at a restaurant. My dad had to climb over the passenger's seat to get in...and let's just say he isn't as nimble as he once was~! : )

Sawyer giving his mom, Sarah, a grin!

Sawyer, snug as a bug, in the arms of his godmother, Gretchen!

Here's a picture of my sister-in-law, Sarah, with Sawyer at his baptism. Doesn't she look amazing for having a newborn?! Sickening really! : )

The five of us (sans Alex and the girls who were back home) at Sawyer's baptism. Check out my trendy mom in her stylish new dress! We both had fun shopping for her during this weekend - since she lost weight at the same time a majority of her clothes no longer fit. I'm loving helping her infuse a little extra style into her new wardrobe!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Broken Soldier

Okay, here are some words that you will never hear from me..."Full-time, stay-at-home there's an easy job." Three days into it and I'd say I've come close to losing my mind a few times already!

Some background...Mim went to Austin this weekend with her folks for our nephew's Baptism (check out cute little baby Baker!). They left early on Friday morning and shall return tomorrow, supposedly around noon. Is it bad to wish time away?? Let's just say that Mim will get a very enthusiastic welcome home!

Quite how she does it, I will never know. I think if I were to stay at home full time, two things would happen: I would be a complete lard-bucket! It is nigh impossible to resist snacking all the time when there's and pantry and fridge full of chow right there! I think I now understand Mim's insistence that I take all snack foods (cookies, left-over dessert etc.) to work. The second thing that would happen would be nothing...apart from the babies being clothed (sometimes!), fed and diapered. No laundry, no cleaning, no walking the dogs, no organizing the house....seriously, Mim sometimes does all of that in a single day and I struggle to get just one in!

So I guess here's to all the stay-at-home mums out there, especially mine! I love you Mrs Green and really, truly appreciate everything that you do for me and our gorgeous little girls!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Ladies!

Doesn't this picture just blow your mind?! I did save you the unsightly stretch marks by making it a silhouette. We took this picture the night before - and I didn't change my shape at all - holy huge! And if you aren't convinced that I look large enough, here's me in the flesh below the day before the girls arrived.

My goodness! Enough said... : )

The sweet little ones doing their best to sleep with all the flash photography!

And then there is present day! On Monday, Jasmine & Addison were playing in the playroom quite contently. I even went into the kitchen to get something - all was quiet - until I hear Jasmine whining. Upon my arrival, I see this! She has wedged herself behind the papasan chair. The first close-up is her sweet face showing her best plea for help. But, her mom keeps taking pictures instead. The next face cracks me up! This face clearly says, "IT'S NOT FUNNY!"

And at last, Addie! She likes to show off for our Parents As Teachers aid. Last time Nancy was here, Addie crawled for the first time. Today she decided she'd walk. Up to today, she has HATED all of her walking toys - whines when we stand her up next to one. However, once Nancy arrived, Addie grabbed a kitchen chair and walked around with it for awhile. Promptly dismounted, crawled to her closest walking toy, pulled up, and did some more walking...all the while having that "I'm so proud of myself and you should be too" grin plastered across her face!

Ah! One year - it has gone by so fast! We are loving being parents of our two sweet little girls.