Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here are some pictures I took after the girls had woken up from their afternoon nap! They've begun peering into each other's cribs through the bars and chat to each other until I come get them.

Here's one of Jasmine looking a bit guilty!

Can you find Addie in this one - not one ounce of guilt in her face! She is definitely my wild child.'s another picture to prove her energetic nature - she's chatting FULL STEAM AHEAD to Jasmine while I take her picture. I think she's saying, "Party over here!"

As I'm typing this she's madly bouncy in her exersaucer...seriously she "gives it horns" - I can't talk on the phone when she is bouncy it is so LOUD!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Green...and very green!

According to my doctor, you are suppose to process through baby food as follows: rice cereal (or oatmeal), than the yellow/orange vegetables, then green, and then fruit. You are only suppose to introduce one new food every five days. We started with rice cereal, moved on to oatmeal, loved squash, were estatic about sweet potatoes, gobbled up carrots...and then today we turned green! Here are some before and after photos of the girls eating peas for the first time.

Jasmine, oh Jasmine, you are in cahoots with your grandma. At various points in my life, my mom said to me, "I hope you have a daughter just like you!" Well mom - your prayers have been answered in one respect. Jasmine looked increasingly offended as I shoveled peas into her mouth. Then to really end with a show stopper she gagged until she spit up most all the peas that she was fed! Confession - I was a gagger - even into adolescence...I deserve it...

Addie tolerated the peas for a few bites - but as the number of bites grew - the faces worsened!!! : ) I missed some priceless ones because it was hard to manuever the spoon and the camera simultaneously. Eventually, she just buried her face in the side of her chair and refused to look at me until I put the peas down and gave her yummy carrots!

Don't worry girls - only 4 more days of peas, 5 days of green beans, and then maybe you'll get some fruit! : )

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ah, Hats...

...if only they made us all look so cute!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Back to Life Back to Reality..."

"Back to the here and now oh yeah...!" It was a nice break to be on my own for a brief 48 hours. I really enjoyed just relaxing and shopping and chatting with my girlfriends. There was a little bit of drama....! I was driving my friend, Angie's car home on Sunday (she's very pregnant and needed a break). I neglected to pay attention to the gas guage. At some point, Angie looked over and noticed that the gas light was on...of course she wanted to know how long it had been had no idea! Of course this all occurred on a stretch of road where there were NO GAS STATIONS for 20 miles!!! We both sat in anxiety filled silence as we scanned the horizon for any signs of gas. Every twitch of the car felt like eminent doom. Fortunately - we made it to a gas station and put 11 gallons of gas in her 10 gallon tank...hum...oops! I don't think anyone would ever let me forget it if I had stranded a pregnant woman on the side of the road! Yes dad, I know...this isn't the first time I would have run out of gas...I guess some of us never learn!!! : )

The girls now roll towards one another on their blanket and interact. This is what I saw when I looked up yesterday from the kitchen. Addie had rolled beneath Jasmine's arm - they were looking at each other and smiling! How cute!

Apparently the new highchairs are very comfortable!!! : )

Oh - and much much much credit is due to Alex! While I was gone, he swept and vacuumed the house, washed all the windows in the house, cleaned/washed out the fridge, got rid of some paint we needed to toss, and loved on and entertained the girls! What a LUCKY girl am I!!! Maybe I should go away more often...... : ) Just kidding!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Husband of the Year

Last Saturday, I was standing in the kitchen in the late afternoon when Alex handed me a card. The card told me I was going on a surprise date and to get myself ready because the babysitter was going to be here in just a half hour! I love surprises - I ruin most of them by discovering them too soon with my abundant curiousity. It was strange just to get in the car and have no idea where we were going! Our mystery destination was to the "One Night Only, Sold-Out, Bill Cosby Show." We had such a good time - and laughed until our faces hurt!!! It was so fun to see Alex laughing - wishing he could stop because he was in pain - but couldn't because it was so funny! Needless to say we had a great time - and I have a wonderful husband who is keeping the romance alive.

Extra bonus points for him as well, because I'm leaving today for a girl's weekend in Kansas City. This will be Alex's first overnight without me! I'm more than confident that he'll be fine - he does just as much work with the girls as I do - if not more some days! I'm looking forward to being on my own schedule just for a few days - not working about napping or feeding times. Should be fun~!

Six Months +

Here's Jasmine showing off her big blue eyes!

I titled this picture, "Here's Trouble!" Addison has abundant energy - hates to be restrained - loves to bang on things, bounce, throw things off her high chair, and roll everywhere! All this energy with a walking Addison could be a little scary!!!

We spend a large portion of our day on a blanket on the floor in the living room. The girls take turns putting various toys in their mouths and rolling over! I'm enjoying these pre-crawling days very much!


Just look at Addison's face in the first picture - it clearly says "I want that toy!" Jasmine's response in the next picture, "Emmm...this toy is SOO GOOD...too bad for you!"

Addison has clearly had enough! "I want it and I'm going to take it!" Jasmine doesn't seem too concerned!

"Silly Mom - we're still friends see!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Adventures in Sitting

Although Addison looks like she is the one having the better time, Jasmine just LOVED looking at herself in the mirror. She woke up early from her nap and caught me while I was trying to straighten my hair. I thought I'd try the Bumbo seat and see if she could be happy keeping me company while Addison finished napping. The instant I put her in the chair she looked at herself in the mirror and laughed and chatted and looked at me and then looked at me in the mirror and smiled - it was adorable! She went on like that for nearly 10 minutes. By the time Addison woke up and joined us and I thought to get the camera - Jasmine wasn't as impressed! : )

The girls' highchairs also arrived yesterday. It is SOOO much easier to feed them in the highchairs - than the bouncy seats we had been using! The girls have figured out how to bounce themselves by kicking their legs - which made getting a spoonful of cereal into their mouth very challenging! They also loved to pull their bibs up and suck on them - now the highchair trays fit so closely to their bodies they can't get at their bibs - love it!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Did You Know !?

You learn something new everyday! A friend of mine just recently made a comment about men breastfeeding and I thought she was kidding!!! No folks - she was serious. I googled it and IT'S TRUE - a bit scary - but true!

Here's a quote from one website, "It is possible, and has been observed in animals and humans. In 1992, 18 Dayak fruit bats were captured from a rainforest in the Krau Game Reserve, Pahang, Malaysia. Of the 10 mature males captured, each had functional mammary glands from which small amounts of milk were expressed. A breast is a breast. Male lactation is physiologically possible and, according to Dr. Robert Greenblatt, production in males can be stimulated by letting a baby suckle for several weeks. Indeed some human males secrete milk at birth and at puberty.Historically, male lactation was noted by the German explorer Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt prior to 1859, who wrote of a 32-year-old man who breastfed his child for five months. It was also observed in a 55-year-old Baltimore man who had been the wetnurse of the children of his mistress."

Even Wikipedia acknowledges that it is in fact possible!

Alex has already declared that he has NO interest in becoming one of the few, the proud, the men who breastfeed!

Hanging out Together

These days, the girls are noticing each other quite a bit.

This results in the following:
• Smiling & Laughing
• "Talking" to each other
• Grabbing at each other's faces
• Grabbing at each other's toys
• Holding hands

All of the above it quite adorable - that is except trying to steal each other's toys. I was at Goodwill with them this week, and several times I had to intercede and stop a toy grabbing war from escalating into screams and tears...seriously they are only six months - can this be happening already?!!!

The Case of the Soggy Socks

Above is picture the main suspect in this case, Addison Green. On the night of September 25th, Addison was put to bed promptly at 7 pm in pajamas (without feet) and socks. When she awoke on the morning of the 26th, Addison was found in her crib without socks. Upon further inspection, Addison's socks were located in two different corners of her crib....and they were both soggy. After much thought and deduction, it has been decided that at some time during the night, Addison pulled off each sock and sucked on them! It is now mandatory that she wear "footed sleepers" now that we are aware of her compulsion. Her little feet just get so COLD without her socks! : )

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stroller and Stroller and Stroller!

We now have 3 double strollers. You might wonder, why does someone need three double strollers - well let me tell you!

• You need one that your babies' carseats snap into. This kind of stroller is a must have - so you don't have to wake up your baby to transport them to their stroller early on. (Unfortunately, this means it will be heavy and large).
Graco DuoGlider (gift!)

• You need one that your running husband can run with the babies in so you can take a much needed break! (Even heavier and larger).
Baby Jogger (craigslist - L.A.)

• You need one to load your little sweet 'ems into once they & their carseats get too heavy for you to carry. This stroller needs to be lightweight, fit into your trunk without filling it up, and be a side-by-side so you can hold both your babies bottles simultaneously in case you need to feed them while out and about! (Nice and small - but only works once babies can sit up - and not good for walks or long runs - too unstable on its small wheels).
Combi Twin Savvy (craigslist - Springfield, MO)

Thankfully - all three strollers were either gifts or purchased used. I've started buying larger baby items used through a website called It is like ebay, but you don't pay any fees and all the items for sale are from people who live in your same town or close by. We got the Combi stroller from our local craigslist, and the Baby Jogger from the L.A. craigslist (Alex checked it on his flight when he flew home from his conference - everyone in the airport kept asking him where the babies were!).

So if you're a mom of twins and you need advice on which stroller to buy - don't ask me - obviously I'm still figuring it out!

Where Did the Time Go?

Okay - so it has been a LONG time since I last posted!!! Last week, Alex left for Los Angelos for work conference - so needless to say - my freetime was cut in half and then cut in half again! Then when I did think about writing a post, it included a thought that was tied to the fact that Alex was in CA. Since I didn't want to advertise that I was home alone with babies on the worldwide web...I just didn't post! So to all of you who dutifully checked everyday and had to look at the same crossdresser blog for 10+ days, my apologies!