Monday, April 12, 2010

Stellie Bellie & Sisters

The sweetest little girl in the world has decided she will only eat pears - by the pound. She's developed clever methods of extracting otherwise unwanted (food other than pears) nutritious bits from her mouth. She clamps her lips closed, she spits it out and recoils for effect, she picks it out with her fingers, she feeds it to dogs or toddlers (whoever is quickest), and then she throws the rest on the floor. But if she sees a pear out of the corner of her eye - perhaps on the cutting board near her highchair - she starts indicating her preference with a steely gaze of determination! Someday she'll eat something else right?

My dad used to sing to me, "Every party needs a pooper, that's why we invited pooper..." We had a wonderful birthday lunch with the girls at Red Robin. I wanted to get a b-day picture outside and clearly Addie was not in the mood...I could hear my dad singing. I actually think the picts are quite funny! : )

On the left you will see Stella's alter ego...

Some random pictures from around the house - including two of the bottom ones where A&M dumped a pile of books in Stella's crib and sat there reading until I discovered them. They thought they were so naughty! Silly girls!

Now that the weather is nice we spend TONS of time outside in our backyard. It's a happy end to everybody's day. Although Alex would prefer the girls stop throwing things over the fence for him to fetch...

Tried Stella's sun hat on to see if it fit - she thought it would do. : )

Friday, April 09, 2010

Addie & Mina's 3rd Birthday Eggstravaganza

Here are the girls on their big day! We can't believe they are three already. They had a great time on their big day and kept saying, "It's MY birthday!" It is fun to be to an age where they actually get and can verbalize that it is a special day.

We tried to keep the food simple to minimize the crazy. PB & J sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, Annie's bunny crackers, strawberries, cupcakes, and rice krispie treats. Even with that simplicity, we were boiling eggs like mad, slapping on PB & J, and dunking newly frosted cupcakes into a vat of jelly beans just minutes before guests were arriving.

This was the BEST part! The kids were so excited!!! Due to some advice I had read online about an Easter theme birthday party, I assigned each kid a color of egg (and also wrote their name on that color) so all the kids would have a chance to find quite a few eggs. Thankfully, we also had a beautiful day - hunting with 16 children in our 1500 sq. ft. house would have been...madness!

The girls LOVED all their presents and were so excited to see what was in each brightly wrapped package. We've been playing new games, stamping, coloring, and keeping busy with their new acquisitions. These nightgowns were also one of their presents...they've been very popular...we've worn them every night...they need a wash!

Stella enjoyed all the extra holding and attention she received from her godparents and grandma. She could barely each lunch since there were so many busy bodies to watch running around!

Thanks so much to my friend, Angie, who took this picture of me and the girls. You always forget in the moment to take enough pictures. She sent me several of the ones you see on this post!

I LOVE this photo - I think I'm going to get it framed. This must be as we were announcing the Easter Egg Hunt. Jasmine was making a beeline for the gate so she didn't miss a minute of the action! : )