Monday, October 12, 2009

One Very Full Day

The morning began with Alex's alarm going off at 6 am - so wrong on a Saturday morning!! Once he was ready, he woke the girls up and we worked on getting them bundled up for their big outing with Daddy. Alex signed up to run the Sunshine Run - 5K as part of a team from work. They could barely move once we were done! Alex said they had a great time - and LOVED the cupcakes that were at the refreshment stand at the end of the race. And my second worst potty fear (pee pee in the carseat) occurred on the way home...ah...potty training... ; )

The next event on the day's agenda was a date for Alex and I. We went out to lunch at a local coffee shop called The Buzz and then to a Beer Tasting at Brown Derby International Wine Center. It was nice to have some adults only time and enjoy the beautiful weather.

From the beer tasting we raced home, paid the babysitter, and then welcomed our good friends the Zieglers into our home for a quick catch-up. They have recently returned from their vicarage on the east coast and are settled back in St. Louis as Mike finishes his schooling at the Seminary. (I stole this picture from their blog because we forgot to take one of our own!)

Then we rushed out the door and up the street to 2nd Saturdays at Redeemer. It's a new group my parents have started for parents of young children. We eat together as families and then the children go off to play and the adults have time to talk to one another and enjoy a brief program. This month's topic was Love, Money, & The Bottom Line.

And finally, we headed home, tucked all three munchkins in bed, and passed out on the couch into exhausted heaps!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Cooking, Cleaning, and Careening

So - I didn't used to cook - EVER. I'd make scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, and there would end my culinary skills. Somehow though with the arrival of Stella, I'm now interested in food in a way I never have been. It could be all my cooking friends, the garden my dad planted in our backyard, a desire to eat healthy and lose baby weight, etc... The girls are quite interested in my afternoon activities as I get dinner ready for the evening. They helped me make stuffed peppers and recycled the cans.

Mina made my worst potty nightmare come true as well this week. My biggest fear was that while potty training they would pee on our bed. The girls watch Sesame Street on our bed every morning while I shower in the master bath. When I got out of the shower on this morning, Mina informed me she had, "Pee pee on the pillow..." Ah - imagine the relief I felt when I discovered it was Daddy's pillow! : ) In the picture, Mina is holding Daddy's freshly laundered pillow.

The girl also still have a love for pulling all the wipes out of a wipes box. We let them go to town because these wipes were completely dried out. They had a ball and even "washed" some windows!

Alex and I took Addie & Mina to Silver Dollar City with our friends Geoff & Danae and their two year old daughter, Sophie. Stella stayed with our good friend, Mary Magnus for the morning. The girls got to ride their first amusement park rides. On the first few rides they'd say halfway through the ride, "All done now!!! Get off!!!!" After they got the hang of it, they'd laugh and smile and wave their arms around. It was fun to get to see them experiencing something so completely new. Plus, all the stimulation must have really exhausted them because they took a three hour nap afterward!