Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Support a Mission Trip to Uganda AND Score an iPad

My friend Elisa is going on a mission trip to Uganda in a few months and has thought up some clever ways to raise money for her trip. She's giving away an iPad and an iTouch (two separate drawings) and for each $20 donation, you get an entered for a chance to win. I PROMISE this is not a scam. I know Elisa well, and she was just at my house for lunch today. Don't miss a chance to get your hands on some fabulous Apple technology for $20! I'm hoping for the iPad myself!!!
Click here to go to her blog to read more or donate, or copy this into your browser

Well I Guess We Missed February!

So I didn't get any posts up in February!! Just wait until I have four kids...maybe I'll have my once annual post. Life is feeling a bit better as we leave the winter months behind, everyone is healthy again (colds abounded in Jan. & Feb.), and I'm in my second trimester. If you missed the announcement on Facebook or through the grapevine, we are having a fourth GIRL! Silent pause as we all say a prayer for Alex.

I mean, I know we already have three girls, but the addition of a fourth brings all kinds of things to mind. The amount of HOT WATER and bathroom time that will be needed for four girls. Is it possible we will all have "that time of the month" together...heaven help us and Alex. Will they fight over boyfriends? We know they will fight over clothes!!! And let's not even get started on the weddings... Ah the excitement and fun of the future! Can't wait - I love the idea of having four girls.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Splish Splash

Below are some photos my friend and talented photographer, Natalie Bearden took the other day. She even made the sweet bathing cap Stella is wearing - oh yeah and she is 9 months pregnant!!! I love how these turned out - capturing the simplest little expressions and their beautiful smooth baby skin. Check out Natalie's other work on her blog.

Natalie also has a little girl the same age as Addie and Mina. After we finished taking pictures, Kennedy jumped in the bath too! The first thing the girls said when I showed them the pictures was "Where's Kennedy?"

Thursday, December 30, 2010


The girls were introduced to hot cocoa during Alex's mom's visit. They are big fans! Even cuter is they refuse to call it hot chocolate, preferring the British/Zimbabwean pronunciation of hot cocoa.

This month we also helped the girls' beloved godfather, Dan, celebrate his 60th birthday. They helped arrange the candles on the cake!

Stella's first mobile Christmas has resulted in lots of opportunity for learning self-control! There were so many temptations - this one being the most enticing, esp. since she can climb up on the fireplace bench all by herself!

And a rare moment worth documenting, Addie sleeping the longest at nap time one afternoon this December. This NEVER happens. She is first to rise on all occasions and eager to wake everyone else up. This has resulted in creative sleeping arrangements that are ever in flux!


My sister-in-law drove from Austin, Texas to Springfield, MO by herself with a two-year-old and nearly-one-year old twins!!! Now that is super woman status if I've ever see it. My brother didn't get same amount of time off work, so he flew in a few days later. They all stayed at our house which made for a fun flurry of activity while we did our best to keep six little bodies occupied and entertained!

Here's the mass of them watching cartoons with Uncle Andrew early in the morning!

We also braved the Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving Day in spite of the 20 degree temps and icy drizzle. Everyone did well until about the last 10 minutes of the run/walk when there was unrelenting screaming from the Texas boys who had had enough of the frigid weather. Thankfully, donuts, bananas, and water were awaiting us in warm Expo center. Stella was semi-ticked herself and won't even look at the camera! : )

This was also the month were Stella finally found her walking legs. Miraculously one night after dinner, she got a glint in her eye and started circling the kitchen with a giggle - round and around in a loop until her bedtime. The next morning she briefly forgot her new found skill, but remember again at dinner time and the laps began! Alex has some great video of her looking so proud of herself.