Friday, February 19, 2010

Toddler Firing Squad

Every time we go to MOPS, the girls are given a balloon to take home before they leave. Sounds sweet and innocent right? I've come to dread the balloons - first I have to get two toddlers, a baby, and two balloons safely out to the parking lot and in the car all by myself. Anyone who has buckled a toddler in who is holding a balloon knows how much fun just that part is....and that is not even mentioning balloons that stray in the parking lot - toddler screaming - mom trying not to separate the group so no one gets hit by a car but also trying to retrieve the balloon so the screaming will stop...I digress.

So when we get home with the balloons, the girls obsess about where their balloons are, who has touched them, try to go potty holding their balloons, try to get dressed holding their balloons, don't want their baby sister to slobber on the balloons, and so on. After about two days - I've had enough of the balloons and try to mentally will them to pop while the girls are playing with them so I can say, "Oh, bummer the balloon is all gone" as sympathetically as I can. They weren't popping...

Naptime came - there were no witnesses - I decided to quietly puncture the balloons and slowly let the air out and then feign ignorance when asked where the balloons went. All went as planned and hid the evidence in the trash can in my bathroom. The girls woke up from their naps and did not appear to notice the absence of the balloons.

Later that afternoon, the girls came walking out of my room with steely gazes.
Conversation as follows:

Mina: Who popped my balloon?!
Me: Oh, I don't know...
Mina: NO - who popped it?!
Me: I guess it just popped and now it is all gone....
Mina: Mommy, did you pop my balloon?
Me: (Pause...contemplate bold face lie...hang head in shame) Yes....I popped it...
Mina: Why....? (while making sad face)
Me: (How to I explain....) Because the balloon was all done.... (lame lame lame - but it seemed to work)

At this point the toddler firing squad seem satisfied and moved on to other explorations. I learned a valuable lesson...when popping balloons throw them away in the garbage in the garage! : )

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Circle of Craigslist

I realized last night as I was reselling some kitchen chairs on Craigslist I had purchased on Craigslist - that there is a lot of stuff coming and going out of my house. If it isn't going to Goodwill, or a friends' house, then it is going to Craigslist (or sometimes Ebay). Whatever did I do before resale went online? Above is a picture of many of (but not all) of the things I have bought and sold. No better way to change things up than to sell something old and turn around and buy something new for very little on CL. Sometimes I just trade too - did this with cribs and strollers. I think the all time best CL was when Alex convinced me to post the gray rocks in a flower bed out in front of our house basically saying "Free rocks to whoever removes them" and amazingly someone did just that! What a great way to get around some back breaking labor?! Also, I'm so grateful for a husband who is amused rather than irritated at the rather breakneck speed that things move in and out of our house. He has mastered the art of agreeing with me that the current new furniture arrangement/acquisition is the best one yet!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happiness is...

...learning that when you bang two things together they make a noise! : )

Things We Do When It Won't STOP SNOWING

Here's a sampling of some things we do when it won't stop snowing:

1.) Lay around in our sleeping bags - it's cold (esp. since Mom and Dad keep the house a balmy 68 degrees!)

2.) Do laundry - or just look cute while we look like we are doing laundry.

3.) And when things get desperate we paint, color, or pull out some other random craft to mix things up!

I'm in a serious need of some "it's warm enough to open the windows" weather. The house could use some fresh air. I can only rearrange the furniture so many times to try and create that "fresh feeling"! I also have spring cleaning type projects piling up around the house. There are LOADS of outgrown clothes in all of the girls' closets. There is misc. crap all over the garage - but who wants to be out there in this cold? There is lots of woodwork in the house that needs to be painted. And so on and so on. Plus I'd love to taking walks with the girls! Soon soon right?!

Snug as a Bug

I was busy with the two other girls and though Addie was quietly playing in the office. At some point, I got curious/suspicious and tracked her down. She had gathered up pig, mouse, two pillows, and a blanket and made herself all cozy in Stella's crib. It was very sweet. Then when she got up, she covered up her stuffed animals, quietly shut the door, and then with a stern eye said, "Shhhh, they are sleeping!"

Tea For Three

At Christmas time, the girls got far more presents than they could play with at once. I tucked some under the bed for a "Rainy Day" to be rediscovered at some point. Well, they were rediscovered this morning when the girls discovered the plastic tub under my bed! : ) Regardless, they were thrilled to be playing tea party. Even Stella got in on the action.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We posed for some photos for one of my mom's organizations called Operation Us. They will be used to market their events. They focus on providing relationship education to the community. Their theme for this year is "Get It Together" - encouraging couples to go together to the classes. I think Addie looks hilarious in this photo - she was not cooperating at all that day and this serious look was about all we could get from her - that or tantruming... : )

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

First Friends

I suppose like many children with older siblings - most of play dates in our house are with the 2 year old crowd. Luckily for Stella - there are two other little ones her age in our group of friends! Stella and Marley are only a month apart in age and love to gaze at each other and smile. Owen is four months older and ever ready to show the girls how it is done. Before we know it, they will all be chasing each other around in full force like the 2 year olds!

(Love the photo with Stella blinded by the light - its almost like she's saying "I'm trying to SMILE but I'm nearly BLIND!!!!)