Saturday, February 28, 2009

Then & Now

This was then (25 weeks pregnant with the twins) -

This is now (23 weeks pregnant with just one baby!) -

Some of my girlfriends have been requesting photos of this pregnancy so - here you go! I definitely look smaller. That didn't surprise me as much as the fact that I definitely look OLDER!!! I'm not one who freaks out much about aging - just figure it is a natural progression, but I didn't expect such a difference in just 3 years! I guess that is what the 24/7 care of two small children can do to you. I've been plucking the random white hair from my head...knowing it is a matter of time before I'll have to make the "to dye or not to dye" decision! : )

The weight gain on the pregnancy has been hilarious! With the girls I gained 65 lbs total. So far with this one I gained 2-3 lbs the first weigh-in, then lost 2-3 lbs last weigh-in, and then yesterday at my most recent doctor's appointment I gained 14 POUNDS! My doctor said she wasn't worried about it and I guess I'm not either as long as I don't gain that much for every future visit! Perhaps purchasing the Ben & Jerry's that was on sale has contributed...

This morning we're off to a puppet show at an open house at my dad's school. It is SNOWING right now - so it will be nice to get out of the house with the girls. Did I mention it was 65 degrees on Wednesday & Thursday??

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Mina...!

Mina's fever abated today, but luck (or coordination) just wasn't on her side! Since it was so beautiful, we went to the park to play with friends this afternoon. Jasmine couldn't decide if she wanted to be in or out of her swing, so she kept switching back and forth. At one point, she left her swing and walked behind her sister's swing that was in motion at FULL SPEED. Mina was knocked flat on her back with a bloody nose. You can see some of the carnage on her shirt! I'm afraid she's probably destined for more of this in the years to come...inheriting my sense of coordination!

Here's a funny set of pictures from last Saturday. Alex made fruit smoothies for breakfast and Addie REALLY liked hers. She didn't like, however, when we wanted to take a picture of her MESSY face. She actually threw a fit and hid from us until we put the camera down. This is one child who is very concerned about being clean. As you can imagine, she had to remind us all about the blood on Mina's shirt today, repeating her mantra of "messy, sister messy, messy..."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Any Day But Tuesday

I am grateful that my children have rarely been sick this winter, but I could see some of the BIG ICKY coming our way last night. Jasmine was getting warmer and crankier as the night progressed. I had a feeling she'd wake up with a full fledged fever, but I HOPED it wouldn't really happen! Tuesday is the one day I am child free for 4 glorious hours while the girls are at Parent's Day Out.

She woke up with a fever - so one down. Then I realized I couldn't take Addie because pick up time would be in the middle of Jasmine's nap (who can nap forever - esp. when she's sick). So we began our "whiny clingy cooped up in the house yet another day" morning.

I decided at the conclusion of Sesame Street that I needed a shower for my sanity and since I hadn't washed my hair in two days! I put them in the bedroom with me with toys (per normal) while I showered in the master bath. Interruption #1 to my shower was a screaming match over who got to sit in the rocking chair - I turned the chair upside down so no one could rock. Interruption #2 - Jasmine screaming, I get out of the shower again to find my feverish child with blood dripping from her mouth, all over her pajamas, and on the carpet. She's somehow busted her lip...on who knows what! So I'm dripping wet with conditioner in my hair trying to soothe her, control the blood flow, etc. I eventually get her to a mild roar, hop back in the shower to quickly rinse out the conditioner, and then back to clean up Mina, the blood, etc. So much for restoring my sanity!

I get the girls settled with yet another round of toys in the back bedroom while I madly try to finish up some Ebay auctions that need to get listed!! The girls eventually wander back to the living room and are miraculously entertaining themselves without whining or fighting. I know this means they are probably doing something they shouldn't - but I decided I'd rather enjoy those 10 minutes of peace and clean up whatever mess they made! I think I made the right choice - a few shredded magazines was worth the price!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Early 30th Birthday to Myself!

I've been wanting to celebrate my 30th birthday (which is actually June 28th) a bit early this year, since baby #3 will arrive within days of that date! I thought it would be fun to take a trip so...

Mid-March, my mom and I will be driving to St. Louis to board an Amtrak train to Chicago.

When we arrive we'll take one of these from Union Station to our hotel.

The Blackstone.

And rest our heads in our room until the next morning.

Then we will get up early and take another taxi to Harpo Studios where we'll watch one of Oprah's live shows (airs at 9 am in Chicago)! (Thanks Cassie!!!)

I think it's going to be a trip to remember. Now just cross your fingers that the show isn't something depressing - my mom and I see enough of that as therapists! I'll let you know closer to the date when you can look for us - I'm guessing since it is a live show it will air the same day.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Dressed and the Undressed

I burst out laughing when my dad stopped by last week in this get-up! Apparently there was a 2 for 1 sale on corduroy pants at JCPenney's and he thought it would be funny to own these outrageously orange pants. My mom helped him pick out a matching orange shirt and tie and then he thought he'd really tie the outfit together with a green vest my brother had given him for Christmas. Isn't he stunning! He was telling us later that night that people out in public had difficulty keeping a straight face around him...I wonder why...! One never knows when this outfit will make an appearance again...perhaps Halloween?

And then the undressed. My Parents as Teachers educator said the girls should be starting to be able to dress and undress themselves...and I think I have been secretly inhibiting this skill. Seriously, who wants their child to be able to remove clothing whenever they want. My real fear is that they will remove clothing and then diapers and have one of the poop smearing episodes I've heard other parents tell about. But alas, I've given in and started teaching them how to undress... : ) We've also started washing our hands using a stool at the sink and putting their own toys away. The other skill they should be working on is brushing their own teeth...we're lucky if we get them brushed! I guess the first step will be getting them their own toothbrushes! Well, I'm off to look for some 3T jeans at a local resale shop - the girls are saying ouch when I button their 2T pants - seriously 3T and they are not even 2 years old yet!