Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Alas, my bountiful pregnancy has changed my shoe size from an already large size 12 to the ever hard to find size 13! I've finally accepted the fact that several of my shoes will never fit me again! Finding shoes in my new size 13 is rather difficult. My options fall into two categories - pleather loafer with velcro closure...possibly for later on in life but not now & the other side of the spectrum - 5 inch heels that are red patent leather and marketed to crossdressers!

It is almost frightening what a search on Ebay of women's size 13 shoes will bring up...seriously it is half crossdressing shoes - and the other normal half has "crossdressers welcome" in their text! I just never thought I'd be competing with men on ebay for shoes. I should have seen it coming when I was at Nordstrom Rack's Big Size Shoe event in Chicago. A large (football player size) black man and I were eyeing the same high heeled black leather boots!

I've put some of my shoes on Craigslist...and low and behold the first person interested is named Brad!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Polar Fleece

I LOVE dressing the girls in their winter duds! Here's a picture of us all bundled up to go with grandma to an outdoor street fair called Cider Days. It was the first time I've taken the girls to something like this. It is interesting trying to get out at just the right time - in between naptimes - but also remembering they'll have to eat sometime while we are out. That was the sticky part of this outing...I forgot the bottles at home! I had the formula - but no bottles!!! Plus I didn't realize it until the girls were whining for food and I opened the diaper bag to feed them. Luckily a Walgreens was within walking distance...but picky picky Addison would not - could not take her formula from a different bottle - she didn't eat properly until we were home with her familiar bottles! Overall, in spite of the bottle drama, we had a pretty good time with grandma - and think we might start having a few more Saturday morning adventures together!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Winter Wear from Granny & Grandpa Green

Here are the girls in the outfits that Grandma and Grandpa Green bought for them to wear to Canada. Although they won't be going to Canada - they did a great job of guessing the correct size for September! Just wanted you guys to be able to see your purchase on the girls. They are SUPER cuddly in these outfits since the material is so fuzzy. When I first put the outfits on, Addison kept rubbing the sleeve of her jacket back and forth across her cheek!

Monday, September 10, 2007

She Has Arrived!

My friend, Lauren, had a baby girl this morning! Here's the link to their website for those of you who know her or just love to look at newborns. It was soo much fun to read their blog all morning. Lauren's husband Kevin has wireless capabilities anywhere they go - so they started posting as her labor progressed! One minute is a picture of them hanging out in the hospital bed - the next minute there was one with Natalie Amelia in their arms! Congrats Kevin and Lauren!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Naughty Sausage!

I can't decide if I should call Addison "naughty sausage" or "wiggles"! I left the room briefly while the girls were sitting in their bouncy seats to use the restroom. I don't strap them in, because they like to bounce but otherwise barely move...or so I thought! Addison has a new love of peekaboo - so she pulled the burp cloth over her face and then bounced furiously until she was nearly out of her seat and onto to the floor by the time I returned (a minute later)!

Here's a picture of the sweet sausage and the naughty sausage sitting side by side - Jasmine sporty her best angelic look!

To further her career in deliquency, I caught Addison swatting at the ON button for her mobile when she was supposed to be napping! These little buggers - they are smarter than you think! I left her swatting - glad that at least she wasn't crying. Through the monitor not five minutes later I heard the mobile click on and start chiming away - misson accomplished Addison! : )

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Switcho Chango

Jasmine has redeemed herself the last few weeks. She was the one with colick...we did in fact call her "The Beast" at times because she was unhappy so often! Now - completely different child. She has been sleeping and sleeping. I have to wake her up from most naps (after 2 hours) so that she'll stay on schedule with Addison. She is happy the entire time she is awake...hardly recognize her! (There is still the little problem of stranger anxiety which sends Jasmine over the edge in seconds...)

Addison, on the otherhand, has become quite grumpy! She makes you work for a smile from her - wakes up from most naps way too early - and cries like you've abandoned her if you don't come quickly enough! What happened to my little girl that I couldn't get down quickly enough for naps? She'd usually fall asleep in my arms on the way back to her bedroom. Yesterday, after a bit of screaming because I wouldn't let her up from her nap yet - I heard silence - extended silence. I couldn't resist my curiousity and peeked into their room - could it be that she'd fallen back asleep? NOPE! Instead, there she was propped up on her belly with one arm pulling down the crib bumper. She was scanning her room with absolute delight - enjoying her elevated view - and still not napping!!!

We did have a sweet moment yesterday. I was at a women's group that I go to on Tuesday and I put the girls down for a nap. I went in to check on them since Addison was screaming when I first put them down. (They were sharing a Pack N Play - but don't normally sleep together). Jasmine had reached out and was holding her sister's hand - perhaps comforting...or just looking for something new to suck on! Sweet nonetheless!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ten years have flown by!

My class reunion is coming up this fall and I've volunteered to do a blog so my classmates can share info and pictures even if they can't make the reunion. It has been a lot of fun to see old faces popping up in my inbox! Some people seem to end up just like you thought they would, others have really surprised me! There is one girl who neither I nor two of my h.s. friends can remember...even though she provided a photo and info about herself! We are trying to track down a yearbook hoping her senior photo will jog our memories~!

For those of you with connection to Belvidere High (or if you're just feeling curious about strangers!), you can see the at