Sunday, March 25, 2007

My poor body....!

Hello all!

Some might think this a rather strange title, especially considering the fact that my dear wife is struggling through the final stages of a long, double-whammy pregnancy! However, I do believe the stress of pre-fatherhood has taken its toll on me too...yesterday I had to go and pick out glasses! (Mainly for driving, it turns out I've become near-sighted, so road-signs and the like have become particularly challenging!) The shock and horror of it all I tell you. The realization that my body is not as perfectly ever-lasting as I had hoped has been a tough one to deal with. Especially coupled with the dodgy knee, pre-cavities(!) and a strangley stiff neck at times! Oh well, I guess I just have to buck up and deal with it right! I know that whining to Miriam gets me nowhere in a hurry, a distinct lack of sympathy from her in that area!

Anyway, she's done incredibly well throughout this whole pregnancy. The babies are doing amazing well, and she's still up and about (when she's not glued to her favorite recliner!) and generally in good spirits, except when I defy her wishes or have a whine! It's amazing to think that the girls are almost here, the strange mix of excitement, nervousness and sheer terror is a wierd combination to deal with. Oh well, only 8 days to go and we'll finally get to meet the two little terrors who've been stomping on Mims bladder and beating on her ribs!

And here is what will most likely be the last pic of Mim in all her 225 pound glory! Hope you're all well and loving life!

One week and one day

We are getting very very close to being parents! Ah - a little frightening, a little exciting, and a little relieving (for my body at least). I cannot go out in public without drawing a crowd of onlookers. I'm serious! I was at TJMaxx the other day and men and women were coming up to me saying things like, "It must be about time," "You're not going to go into labor in the store are you?" or my favorite "My sister-in-law and I were just talking about you over there - you're having twins aren't you - you're just too big to be having one baby." I was just amazed at her bravery to ask - if she was wrong....the response might not have been so pleasant!

We've spent this weekend doing all the last minute baby stuff - buying wipes, changing pad, washing sheets, blankets, etc. Today we've got to clean out some closets so my mother-in-law has room to settle in for six weeks, and the babies actually have a closet to call their own. This week we still have one more peditrician to interview, a routine doctor's appointment, fetal monitoring, and a pre-admission appointment for my C-section. I've managed to transfer all but one client - so work should be pretty quiet this week. I still am trying to squeeze in some pre-parent activities - cake tasting with a friend who is getting married and a possible decorating consultation with another new friend.

Thus far, I've gained 55 lbs. I'm curious to see how much is the babies, the placentas, the fluid, etc. - and then how much of it I get to own and work on myself! I'm still dreaming about wearing jeans - had a very vivid jean dream last night.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tipping the Scales

The girls are growing! Our ultrasound today showed that they are weighing (approximately) 5 lbs 10 oz and 5 lbs 14 oz. Everything else about the pregnancy continues to go well. Their heartbeats are measuring at normal levels and my blood pressure continues to be healthy. According to the US tech, the girls are sitting face to face - one upside down, one right side up.

The best part about the US is that it showed that both girls already have hair!!!! I didn't know you could see that on an US, but we saw it quite clearly. The debate continues between Alex and I on whether their hair is blonde or brown. Only two more weeks and 6 days until they are here!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hereditary Health Problems, Naps, and Air Travel

We've unlocked the key to where Tinsley's bad knees came from....ALEX! He went to the doctor this week to find out why his knees were hurting after he'd take the dogs running. His surprising diagnosis - he has luxating patellas - just like Tinsley. Fortunately, Alex does not require surgery and won't go lame without it! Whew!

All is well in the world of the Greens. We are just counting down the days until our little girls arrive. 3 weeks and 5 days to go! I've begun practicing the "sleep while the babies sleep theory" - by napping through out the day - since night time sleep seems to now be consistently eluding me for any length of time!

We purchased our airline tickets for Alex's brother's wedding in September. It is going to be a whole new experience flying with infants! I'm also learning that infants actually need a ticket on international flights - even if they are just sitting in your lap - and their ticket can cost 10% of what an adult ticket costs! (Since we are only flying to Canada - the girls tickets won't cost that much this time - but watch out when we go to to Zim at some point!) Who knew!!! Luckily, our adult tickets were free thanks to frequent flyer miles - saving us about $1200! The only downside is that we will have to fly to Houston first and then up to Calgary which makes for a long day of travel!