Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Spring Spring!

At last, Spring has arrived! We are loving having the windows and doors open. The girls seem to enjoy the fact that our sq. ft. is quadrupled when the weather is nice. We've been in the sandbox, playing catch, sidewalk chalking, going on walks, and hanging out at the park.

Our Parents As Teachers aid was here last week and brought dress up clothes. The girls LOVED putting on the dresses, heels, jewelry, and headbands. It makes me think I need to start a dress up clothes stash! The bottom right pict is the girls modeling the outfits that Granny Green sent for their Christmas present that they've been begging to wear since December.

And here are just some shots of us hanging out! I love my three little ladies - they may be a ton of work - but they also are a TON of fun.


Infraction #1

All was quiet...I should have been suspicious. I laid Stella down for a nap and realized I hadn't heard a peep from the girls in quite awhile. I heard some giggling in my bathroom and went to see what disaster awaited me! When I came in, both girls were naked (they were fully clothed last time I saw them). Addie was standing at attention while Mina was busy spraying her with the shower cleaner.... I didn't know whether to laugh hysterically or stare in horror. I put Addie straight in the shower - bonus that she was already naked. She wasn't very thrilled with the cold water!

Infraction #2

I unpacked a ton of spring/summer clothes since the weather has begun to get warmer. The girls get SO excited about new clothes and insisted on wearing summer pjs to bed. We warned them that they would be cold and they responded, "We want to be cold!" Then at 4 am, we awoke to the girls' bedroom light turning on. Addie had turned their bedroom light on so she could get a coat for her and Mina. Alex walked in to see them both laying in the beds with their coats on...and the light still on...oh and giggling! Great problem-solving...kind of...