Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Well I Guess We Missed February!

So I didn't get any posts up in February!! Just wait until I have four kids...maybe I'll have my once annual post. Life is feeling a bit better as we leave the winter months behind, everyone is healthy again (colds abounded in Jan. & Feb.), and I'm in my second trimester. If you missed the announcement on Facebook or through the grapevine, we are having a fourth GIRL! Silent pause as we all say a prayer for Alex.

I mean, I know we already have three girls, but the addition of a fourth brings all kinds of things to mind. The amount of HOT WATER and bathroom time that will be needed for four girls. Is it possible we will all have "that time of the month" together...heaven help us and Alex. Will they fight over boyfriends? We know they will fight over clothes!!! And let's not even get started on the weddings... Ah the excitement and fun of the future! Can't wait - I love the idea of having four girls.

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